Peter Shumlin for Governor of Vermont, 2010, case study

In 2010, State Senator Peter Shumlin was polling 3rd in a 5-way primary. In the end, he was the only candidate to add mail to his television strategy. We targeted proven Democratic primary voters with “Shumlin is the best Democrat” messaging on expanding internet to rural areas, making Vermont the first state to have single payer healthcare and fully funding Pre-K education. Many people believe his 200 vote, come-from-behind primary victory was due to his being the only candidate in mailboxes.

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State Legislative

Arizona Joint Caucus, 2016
Florida House, 2016
WI House, 2014 – 2016
WV House, 2014
IA Senate, 2004-2010
NV Senate, 2008-2010
TN House, 2010, 2016
GA House, 2010
Sen. Elena Parent, GA, 2014 – 2016
Sen. Jeff Steinborn, NM, 2012 – 2016
Sen. Janet Howell, VA, 1999-2016
Rep. Anna Caballero, CA 2016
Rep. Robert Asencio, FL, 2016
Rep. David Dreyer, GA, 2016
Rep. Scott Holcomb, GA, 2012 – 2014
Rep. David Wilkerson, GA, 2016
Rep. Kevin Haggerty, PA, 2012
Del. Rip Sullivan, VA, 2014 – 2016
Del. Chad Lovejoy, WV, 2016
Del. Robert Thompson, WV, 2016

Parties & Organizations

ACLU Foundation of PA, 2012
Am. Assoc. of People w/Disabilities, 2012
America Votes, 2012
LCV – Maine, 2010-2011
NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC, 2011
The Nature Conservancy, 2007-2016
Nevada Conservation League IE, 2012
Planned Parenthood, 2011-2012
Ruth’s List – Florida, 2016
New Jersey Democratic Party, 2015
South Carolina Democratic Party, 2010
Tennessee Democratic Party, 2016
Vermont Democratic Party, 2012


U.S. Senate, David Alameel, TX, 2014
Gov. Peter Shumlin, VT, 2010-2012
Treasurer Beth Pearce, VT, 2012
TJ Donovan for AG, VT, 2012
Judy Baker for Sec. of St., MO, 2012
Sec. of St., Elaine Walker, KY, 2011
Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts, RI, 2010
Sec. of St., Kate Marshall, NV, 2014
Treasurer Kate Marshall, NV, 2010
Sec. of St. Jim Condos, VT, 2010
Comptroller Kevin Lembo, CT, 2010


Jack Trammell, VA-7, 2014
Elisabeth Jensen, KY-6, 2014
Lenda Sherrell, TN-4, 2014
Donna McAleer, UT-1, 2014
Rep. Steven Horsford, NV-4, 2012
Patsy Keever, NC-10, 2012
Nicole LeFavour, ID-2, 2012
Kate Marshall, NV-2, 2011
Rep. Jim Moran, VA-8, 2010
Judy Baker, MO-9, 2008
Linda Ketner, SC-1, 2008


D.A. Sherry Boston, DeKalb, GA, 2016
Miller for Mayor, Douglasville, GA, 2011
Councilman Thompson, Raleigh, NC 2015
Councilman Burns, Fort Worth, TX, 2007
Sheriff Kincaid, Fairfax, VA, 2015
Sch. Brd. Member Sawyers, PWC, VA 2015
Sup. Principi, PWC, VA, 2007 – 2015
Supervisor Burk, Loudoun, VA, 2011