Partner and Director of Strategic Services

Joe Lestingi has worked with clients across the globe—from California to Europe and from city council to nationwide campaigns. Joe brings his campaign management background to all his clients, helping them build their campaign’s foundation from budgets to communications and research to field operations. Because of his expertise in these areas he has been a guest lecturer and contributed to American University, George Washington University and the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute’s campaign school. He has also lectured on campaign budget, paid communications and opposition research for Campaigns and Elections Magazine, and in 2010, Joe was often seen on CNNi presenting election and political analysis to viewers across the globe.

Joe has worked with campaigns in more than 20 states and from 2011 to 2012 worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the National Democratic Institute’s (NDI) political party development program. There, he worked with six partner parties to institute a research and development program to construct new progressive party platforms.

In 2004, Joe was part of the DCCC’s efforts to protect Democrats against Tom Delay’s illegal redistricting. In 2005, Joe managed Chuck Caputo’s upset victory for the Virginia House of Delegates. In 2007, Joe returned to help protect Delegate Caputo despite being the top target of Virginia Republicans and having a victorious Republican State Senator on the ballot above him. And in 2008 he managed Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s victorious re-election campaign in Illinois’ 8th District. He has worked on campaigns at the state and federal levels, and brings with him the knowledge of working with coordinated campaigns, state house and senate caucuses, the DNC and DCCC. Since then Joe has advised and consulted with some of the nations leading progressive organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, The Sierra Club and People for the American Way.

Joe and his wife, Lindsay, are both Georgia Bulldogs and live in Northern Virginia. When he is not working with campaigns he can be found on a snowy mountain looking for the best line, coaching the local youth wrestling team, or planning a trip to somewhere in the world where his IPhone will not get reception. In his latest endeavor he is looking for a way to get wrestling back in the 2020 Olympic games.