Senior Account Executive

Jacqueline is a veteran of several campaigns in the great state of Virginia. In 2014, she was the Communications Director for Suzanne Patrick, in Virginia’s 2nd congressional seat. In 2016, she was the Communications Director for the Virginia House Caucus. And in 2017, She managed the re-election campaign for Delegate John Bell, VA-HD 87, one of the top Republican targeted seats. She led Delegate Bell to a 20-point victory and joined him as his Legislative aide during the 2018 legislative session in Richmond.

Jacqueline is dedicated to helping our clients run powerful campaigns that elect Democrats all over the country. Jacqueline is originally from Roswell, Georgia and is a graduate of the University of North Georgia. She was previously a professional ballerina, and we have seen firsthand how she can still stand in toe shoes. On Star Wars Day she makes her dog, Joey, wear Yoda ears on Facebook.