Your team at Chadderdon Lestingi has worked with all types of campaigns from issue campaigns to presidential races.  We work with you and your team on every aspect of your operation from field and fundraising to communications and staffing.


The best message in the world doesn’t make a difference if it goes to the wrong people. We believe in building your campaign a coalition to win, and it is different for every campaign. Let us help you find the voters you need to win, because the rest are just white noise.

Direct Mail

Targeted direct mail is still one of the most efficient ways to communicate with voters in your campaign. For over a decade we have been producing affordable, award-winning, direct mail. Let us show you how direct mail can deliver your win.

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Digital Advertising

Facebook, twitter, and banner ads help your campaign build an echo chamber for your voice with voters.  We build comprehensive digital strategies that integrate with your direct mail program with online and social media advertising.

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