Since entering politics, both of us have been dedicated to increasing the next generation of Democratic leaders. We have both spent countless hours, usually at  our own expense, training students, staff and candidates from across the country on message, strategy and tactics. We firmly believe expanding our progressive movement begins with taking our knowledge of how to communicate effectively and win directly to the people on the front lines. Many of the organizations we train with have produced some of our most notable leaders and we are grateful to have played a small part. President Bill Clinton once said, “All campaigns are about the future.” We agree, and we know what we do today determines our nation’s future.

Liz Chadderdon and Joe Lestingi

Liz’s history of training

  • Adjunct Professor, American University
  • Adjunct Professor, George Washington University
  • American Association of Political Consultants
  • American Association of University Women
  • American Medical Association
  • Annie’s List – TX
  • Central Florida Political Leadership Institute
  • Close Up Foundation
  • Emerge Maine
  • Emerge Massachusetts
  • Emerge New Jersey
  • Emerge New Mexico
  • Emerge Vermont
  • Emerge Virginia
  • Girls in Politics Initiative
  • Graduate School of Political Management at GWU
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Lillian’s List – NC
  • New Jersey Democratic Party
  • Running Start
  • Ruth’s List-Florida
  • Sorensen Institute for Leadership
  • Strauss Institute for Civic Participation at UT Austin
  • Veterans Campaign
  • Virginia Young Democrats
  • Women in Government Relations
  • Women’s Campaign School at Yale
  • Women’s Information Network

Joe’s history of training

  • American University
  • Campaigns and Elections Magazine
  • Democratic Party of Virginia Rural Caucus
  • Emerge America
  • Emerge Maine
  • Emerge Massachusetts
  • Emerge Nevada
  • Emerge New Mexico
  • Emerge Oregon
  • Emerge Virginia
  • Georgetown University
  • The George Washington University SIW Program
  • University Of Virginia Sorensen Institute
  • Veterans Campaign Forum